What is Exclusion Fencing?

With Mark O'Neill


There are many factors which will influence how you construct a fence on your property, with the primary focus being to contain stock. A growing number of farmers frustrated by stock losses or reduced grazing capacity, are however turning to exclusion or feral fencing.

One reason in favour of exclusion fencing is to reduce kangaroo grazing. A kangaroo has a DSE (dry sheep equivalent) rating of 0.625, so 1000 roos will eat as much food as 625 sheep. An effective exclusion barrier will keep them on the outside of the property boundary and not eating the feed available for your stock.

When designing your fence, consider the design constructed by nearby farmers who have effectively fenced their properties. Alternatively, study and research the behaviour of the animals being fenced out and look at where they seem to be coming into the property, then design the fence accordingly. In doing so you may find, for example, that the fence needs to be higher on one side.

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