Natural control of poultry pests...

With Darren Wolski



Have you noticed your poultry digging/scratching holes in their pen or in the yard?

They could be digging up a stray worm or a bug… however did you know that they are usually making a hole to lie in so that they can fluff soil all over themselves?! They are trying to create their very own dust bath!

When poultry have a dust bath, they cover their coat with amorphous silica, which is a naturally occurring substance found in small quantities in most soil. Once on the coat of affected poultry, the amorphous silica particles aid in the control of mites, lice, fleas etc. as it works its way into the joints of the insect’s exoskeleton, drying it out and resulting in the death of the pest within a few hours.

Amorphous Silica is available for purchase as Diatomaceous Earth and is used as a natural pesticide and organic food additive that can keep mites off chickens, cleanse their digestive tracts of internal parasites, and provide essential minerals to help chickens lay bigger, healthier, more nutritious eggs. When you add Diatomaceous Earth to the soil in the chicken coop and in areas where the poultry tend to have their dust baths, you enhance the natural process and provide effective control of poultry pests. If added to their food, the particles prevent the food from caking and once ingested it cleanses the digestive track of the poultry, ridding them of parasites such as worms.  

If you would like more information about treating poultry pests, application rates for adding Diatomaceous Earth, or for ideas on how to create a designated ‘dust bath’, email me via, call our Merchandise Team on (07) 4660 0400 or pop in and see our range of Diatomaceous Earth products available in store.