Maintaining your household water supply and garden irrigation systems...

With Candy Lomman


With the heat of summer upon us, we are using our water supplies more and more, running our sprinklers for longer and even using more water inside (for cold showers!). It is important during these times to check our filters and clean or replace them when necessary. You may even notice a drop in pressure, which indicates they are due for maintenance. Did you know that pop up sprinklers also have small filter screens in them? If they are not throwing water as far as they once did, you may need to check these as well.

Foot valve screens in your dam or pond can also get blocked from time to time so it’s important to check these and clear away any debris that could make its way into your pump. If frogs can get inside your water tank and you find your tanks are getting low – be aware that they can also find themselves inside your pump! We have had several pumps come to us for inspection where is has been the case. It is a good idea to check the inlet screen is still in place at the top of your tank, and that the overflow has a frog flap.

We have the products available to help you maintain your water supply here at Dalby Rural Supplies! We have a wide range of household water filters, both sediment and carbon. We have disc and screen filters for your garden water supply too! If you are concerned about the water in your tank we also have rainwater tank purifying products to improve the safety of your water supply. Did you know that animals will also drink less if the water doesn’t taste very nice?

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