WOW... what an impressive Centre Pivot!

With Laird Selkirk



Are you interested in installing a centre pivot?

I was lucky enough to travel around New Zealand over the Christmas holidays and was able to enjoy the beautiful (green) scenery they have on offer. As I drove along Arthur's Pass into Christchurch, I came across a dairy farm that had 3 Bauer pivots set up for cell grazing. The middle pivot caught my attention as the centre tower really stood out… as I pulled over to inspect it further, I noticed it was spanning over a shed. Taking a side road around the paddocks I could see that it was set up to go over 2 sheds and the cattle yards! I counted 18 spans on this pivot, and averaging the span size at 50m, this pivot would have been 900m in length. WOW... what an impressive setup!

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