Overview of a recent stock watering project completed by Dalby Rural Supplies...

With Laird Selkirk



Stage 1;

The Irrigation team at Dalby Rural Supplies assisted in engaging a drilling company and a bore was drilled to a total depth of 132m. The borehole had several quality aquifers and flow testing revealed a flow rate of 3,500L/hr (786 gal/hr). Using this knowledge, our team sized and installed the most suitable submersible solar pump for the job.

Our Irrigation technicians installed a Lorentz PS2 1800 Helical Rotor submersible with 8 solar panels, a down hole low level sensor, a drawdown airline kit and a Lorentz power pack. The power pack enables the customer to pump through the night, using a generator when needed. The solar system is equipped with a pressure switch, so that the pump will cut out when the tank is full.

Pad preparations and erection of the RT60 Rhino Water Tank (60,000L) was organised by our Irrigation team. The tank size was based on the customer’s cattle capacity requirements and allowed for a 3day buffer. The RT60 Rhino Tank came equipped with an external ladder, lockable manhole, overflow outlet, water level gauge, scour drain, 2” inlet and 2 x 2” outlets. These versatile tanks are able to be configured and customised to suit all needs and requirements.

Once stage 1 of this project was complete, the customer assembled a steel-railed compound around the tank to safeguard their investment.

Stage 2;

The Rhino tank is situated at the northern end of the property and has a perfect gradual descent to the southern end of the property. The 20m decline made it perfect for a gravity feed system all over the property. To facilitate water access to majority of paddocks on the property, our team ran a 3km mainline of 63mm poly pipe down the middle of the property to the homestead. The poly was run out using the poly-spinner and was also butt-welded. The customer then used our Dalby Rural Supplies poly-ripper to lay the poly pipe in the ground.  

From this mainline, 50mm poly pipe was run out to each of the 6 paddocks and 5,000L cup & saucer troughs were installed. To provide a solid, level foundation and to prevent mud gathering around the base, the cup & saucer troughs were placed onto Diamond Grid, which is a hard plastic with small spikes that dig in to the ground to stabilise the grid and prevent erosion and cattle damage around the trough. The troughs were filled, the floats set and the install was finished after the diamond grid was covered with soil. These 6 cup & saucer troughs have given the client another 30,000L of water!

Stage 2 was complete once the mainline was plumbed into 2 x 22,500L (5000 gal) tanks at the homestead.

Thankyou to our amazing customers for allowing us the opportunity to complete such a diverse range of projects, we love creating custom water solutions that are just right for your individual needs! We hope this installation goes a long way towards ensuring an adequate water supply for years to come.  

If you would like information about setting up a reliable watering system for stock or garden maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact the Irrigation team at Dalby Rural Supplies to discuss your options or ideas. Call us on (07) 4660 0400 or email me at; laird@dalbyruralsupplies.com.au

Laird Selkirk - Irrigation Manager