Make your job a whole lot easier at marking time with Vetmarker cradles!

With Jess Weeks


Vetmarker lamb cradles are a state of the art product that make your job a whole lot easier and more efficient at marking time!

The cradle consists of a v-shaped chute made from rollers that slide the lambs along in a convoy type line, with adjustable guides to hold their legs in place. The lambs are able to slide down the chute when they are having procedures performed on them (with tail docking or mulesing being the last procedure) and they are automatically released at the end of the chute when the operator pulls a leaver. The lamb is positioned to land on its’ feet, creating a safer method for both the lamb and the operator.

The Vetmarker cradle mounts on the top rail of the yards and allows staff to work from both sides to access the lamb. The cradle can be used for all aspects of lamb marking including vaccination, tail docking and weighing lambs. At the end of the chute, after being tail docked or mulesed, the operator has the option to have lambs automatically sprayed upon being released.

The Vetmarker cradles offer three options; the standard cradle, the merino cradle and the weigh scale cradle. The standard cradle has rollers the whole way to the end of the chute, the merino has a steel cradle at the end with the addition of leg holders for when mulesing, and the weigh scale has the addition of scales at the beginning of the chute. 

We currently have some of these amazing products in stock ready to be installed on your farm. To see how the cradles work and all the benefits, please see the demonstration videos on the Vetmarker website. . If you are interested in the Vetmarker cradles and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of our merchandise team on (07) 4660 0400 or email me at;