February 2018;


Caring for ducklings & ducks...

With John Collins

When feeding baby ducklings, it is critical that the correct amount of nutrients, mineral and vitamins are part of their diet to assist in their healthy growth and development.

Recommended food for ducklings according to their age;

Up to 10weeks - Riverina Chick Starter (20% Crude Protein) or Complete Duck Mash (18% Crude Protein)



Tips for cattle yard design...

With Mark O'Neill

Regardless of the number of cattle you run - whether it be 15 or 150 - a well-designed, functional set of yards is essential for good management.

The yards should allow safe and efficient handling of cattle for drafting and loading-out, as well as restraining the animals for husbandry procedures such as drenching, vaccination, ear tagging and pregnancy testing. 




January 2018;


Maintaining your household water supply and garden irrigation systems...

With Candy Lomman

With the heat of summer upon us, we are using our water supplies more and more, running our sprinklers for longer and even using more water inside (for cold showers!). It is important during these times to check our filters and clean or replace them when necessary. You may even notice a drop in pressure, which indicates they are due for maintenance. Did you know that pop up sprinklers also have small filter screens in them? If they are not throwing water as far as they once did, you may need to check these as well.



Electric fencing and the importance of earthing...

With Ben Cullen

Why is proper earthing important? How do you make a good earth rod/stake?

When setting up your new electric fence system, a good earth rod can often be overlooked. Earthing is a key component of your electric fence system, as a well-established earth ensures the electric shock will reach the animal when it touches the fence. Without a good earth rod, the ground connection simply doesn't work and the electric shock will either not reach the animal, or the joules stored to hit the animal will be significantly reduced.




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